Sync stories assigned to you in Clubhouse to your Taskable dashboard

When you set up the Taskable <> Clubhouse integration, we'll begin syncing any issues assigned to you in Clubhouse right into your Taskable inbox. If you are working across multiple Clubhouse teams, or other project managers like Asana or Jira, that means you'll see all your tasks in a single view, and be able to plan and prioritize your time accordingly.

Even if you aren't working across multiple project managers, bringing your Clubhouse tasks into Taskable gives you access to our powerful planning and prioritization features to help you meet your goals and stay focused.

How it works

🆕 Once set up, all newly created stories assigned to you in Clubhouse will begin syncing to Taskable. We don't sync any cards created prior to setting up the integration, but you can manually sync those by un-assigning and reassigning them to yourself in Clubhouse if you'd like.

🔄 Two way syncing means changes made in Clubhouse or in Taskable will sync. This includes due date and description. Stories marked as complete in Clubhouse will be marked as done in Taskable.