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To create the ultimate digital personal assistant that aggregates all your calendar and task data points into one place

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About Us

Since its foundation, Taskable’s founders seek to solve one of the key issues society has dealt with, time management. With the launch of Taskable version 1.0, the company has set its sight on aggregating, through integration, all of the data points of an organization into one time-blocking technology. As of Feb 2023, Taskable has joined the SetSchedule family of products to provide an even better and stronger product offering to individuals, founders, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and enterprises. For more information about the SetSchedule leadership team, visit www.setschedule.com/about-us.

SetSchedule’s tagline, Making Business Easier, is found at the core of Taskable’s technology. For more information about SetSchedule, go to www.SetSchedule.com.

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