About Taskable

Who we are and why we are here

Our mission

To change the way people decide how to spend their time

Notifications, emails, meetings, quick chats, and too many tools is killing our productivity. It leads to chaos. It makes people feel bad about their day.

We are on a mission to give you more control. Spend less time searching, organizing and reacting. Spend more time doing the things that matter.

We started working on Taskable because we had the same problem. All the tasks, files, and information we needed to get work done was spread across Slack, email, project management tools, and cloud storage.

We would want to get a simple task done, and we had to spend hours searching through all these tools to find all the context we needed to complete that task. Worse yet, navigating to all these tools led to context switching, new opportunities to get distracted, and reduced focus.

We didn't feel good about our day, because all these distractions made us feel like we weren't getting anything done. So, we decided to do something about it!


The Team

We are a small, but growing team. Our expertise includes growth marketing, design, software development, and product management.

If you are interested in joining up with us, just let us know

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Matt Johnson


Tomasz Krakowiak



Chief Bowl Officer


Chief Puppy Officer

We Are Backed By

LAUNCH AcceleratorPioneer AcceleratorReno Seed Fund

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