The Personal Productivity App for Freelancers

Freelancer struggling with personal productivity? Taskable is a smart to-do list and personal productivity assistant built with you in mind.

As a freelancer, you are working across a lot of contexts. Multiple clients, multiple software tools, multiple different hats. It’s a lot of work.

We founded Taskable while we were freelancing to solve that problem. All our work was spread across multiple tools - Slack, Gmail, Asana, Trello, and so on. We also found it hard to make sure we were always working on the most important and stay on top of our client’s needs.

Taskable is a personal productivity app that helps you bring all your work into a single view, and plan and prioritize it so you always know what to do next.

Key personal productivity features for freelancers

The key features for founders include Taskable integrations and suggested tasks.

Integrations make it easy to bring everything into one view so you can quickly prioritize all your work - no matter where it lives. We currently integrate with Slack, Asana, Google Calendar, and have a browser extension.

Personal productivity app for freelancers
Take the guesswork out of deciding on your priorities. Taskable suggests the important tasks you should be focusing on.

Suggested tasks make planning your priorities for the day simpler. Taskable suggests the highest leverage items you should be working on, that way you know you are spending your time efficiently.

Meet other freelancers using Taskable

Alister is a technical product manager, consultant, and advisor helping fintech companies bring new products to life. Taskable allows him to spend less time worrying about the tool he’s using, and more time actually getting value from it.