The Personal Productivity App for Freelancers

Freelancer struggling with personal productivity? Taskable is a smart to-do list and personal productivity assistant built with you in mind.

As a freelancer, you are working across a lot of contexts. Multiple clients, multiple software tools, multiple different hats. It’s a lot of work.

We founded Taskable while we were freelancing to solve that problem. All our work was spread across multiple tools - Slack, Gmail, Asana, Trello, and so on. We also found it hard to make sure we were always working on the most important and stay on top of our client’s needs.

Taskable is a personal productivity app that helps you bring all your work into a single view, and plan and prioritize it so you always know what to do next.


Key personal productivity features for founders


All your tasks, communications, and calendar events, together at last

The stuff you need to get done comes from everywhere: Slack messages, Asana tasks, Email. Stop searching across multiple tabs and tools to find what you need to do each day.


Plan your weekly priorities

Turn backlog stress into scheduling zen. Plan out the weeks ahead so you have a plan of action to get through your backlog.


Carve out focus time amongst the meetings

It's easy to let your day slip away with too many calls and meetings. Taskable lets you block time for deep work by adding tasks to your calendar with one click, giving you control back over your day.


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