The Taskable Jira integration pulls in issues assigned to you in Jira to your Taskable inbox, so you can manage all your work from one place.

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Log in with your Jira account, and start pulling in issues assigned to you in Jira to your Taskable account.

You’ll be able to configure when an issue lands in your Taskable inbox based on it’s status, that way you don’t clog up your personal workspace.

Better yet, when you update an issue in Taskable, we’ll also update it for you in Jira so you can spend less time navigating and searching.

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In a perfect, all the work you need to get done would live inside Jira, or the project/task management tool of your choice. Well, that reality is about to happen.

Taskable aggregates all your tasks and information from across work apps into a single place. Whether it’s an issue in Jira, an action item someone sent you in Slack or email, or even a text from your partner about picking something up on your way home from work.

Our Jira integration, along with the rest of the Taskable integrations, give you a single source of truth for your personal productivity.

For more information on how to integrate, you can check out our Help Center article here.


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Who should use the Jira integration?

If you are a software developer working in Jira and are also managing tasks from other tools, or working across multiple teams and organizations, then Taskable can help you centralize all the information you need to be productive.

What is Jira?

Jira is an agile project management tool, created by Atlassian. Software development teams use Jira to manage and coordinate their work.

What does Jira mean?

Apparently, it’s a shortening of “Gojira” - the Japanese name for Godzilla (not sure I believe that).

How to set up Jira integration?

It will depend on whether it’s the cloud version versus on-premises. Keep an eye out as we get closer to launch on how it will work.

What other integrations do you have?

Taskable also has Slack, Asana, Google Calendar, and other integrations to help you stay productive.