Want to unify all your tasks? Try our Asana integration, and bring together tasks from multiple tools, projects, even organizations.

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Asana integration in action
The Asana integration brings all your tasks into Taskable. Manage your work and personal life, all from one screen.

Head to the integrations page in your Taskable account, and sign in to your Asana account from there. The best part of our Asana integration is you can sign in with multiple Asana accounts and organizations, so we bring all your Asana tasks into one place for you, along with tasks from Slack, and our other integrations.

Once set up, new tasks assigned to you in Asana will appear in your Taskable inbox.

Why we built an Asana integration

We love the Asana project management tool for teams. It’s a great way to keep track of what everyone is up to and coordinate complex projects.

However, we had a big headache. Not all tasks live in Asana. Furthermore, if you are part of multiple Asana teams, there was no way to create a single source of truth for all your work from across these multiple organizations.

It’s an excellent complement to our Slack integration, giving you an easy way to push all the stuff you need to get done into one place.

Key features of the Asana integration

We don’t want to overwhelm you right away when you set up the Asana integration, so we’ll only import tasks created from you the day you set it up onward.

We pass along information from the original Asana task, including due date, description, and subtasks.

We’re also thinking up other new features, including two-way syncing, the ability to configure the integration so tasks only sync when you want them to, and much more.


Do you have ideas for our Asana integration? Perhaps time tracking, or managing team members and creating new projects right from Taskable? Get in touch - we love to hear your ideas!

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How many Asana accounts can I have?

As many as you'd like! That's what we love about this feature - you can finally aggregate all your Asana tasks from across organizations into a single view.