Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taskable? 

Taskable is a personal productivity assistant, remote task manager, and smart to do list. It helps you supercharge your productivity by aggregating all of your work in one place. 

Keep track of your Google Calendar meetings and appointments, Slack messages, Asana tasks, and more - all in one unified to do list.. 

How do I use Taskable? 

Taskable helps you prioritize your tasks and plan your day - it is a simplified form of task management, designed with the remote worker in mind. Using our Google Chrome browser extension or your Taskable dashboard, easily create an action to be added to your to do list. You can label each task by effort and impact, and Taskable will help you plan your day by putting the work at the top of your to-do list that will have the most impact and help you accomplish your goals. 

Organize your work with daily planning. You can move your tasks around to different sections: Schedule for Today, keep an eye on upcoming priorities, and park things in a “Someday” list for things that are on your radar but not urgent. This helps you manage the big-picture items with the more pressing, day-to-day to-do list and easily prioritize your work to have a more productive day - all while making sure nothing slips through the cracks. 

How can Taskable help my productivity? 

Remote work can be a challenge. We can get easily distracted by the plethora of video calls, calendar apps, communications from team members, different slack channels, irrelevant emails, and more… 

Notifications and switching between multiple different channels and applications leads to chaos, inefficiency, and distraction. 

Taskable solves that problem by aggregating all of those communication channels and to-do items in one centralized, easy to follow place.  Stop wasting your valuable work hours searching, and start spending your time on high-priority tasks that will move the needle most. 

What are your templates? 

Taskable templates are easy to follow checklists that you can import directly into your Taskable account. We have templates ranging from how to launch on Product Hunt to a priority list for starting your own podcast. 

Have a great checklist for something other remote workers, freelancers, and founders might find useful? Submit it here and we’ll post it to our templates page for other Taskable users. 

How do your integrations work?

By connecting with the other apps you use, Taskable brings all of your tasks, files, communications, and calendar to-dos into your Taskable dashboard. Keep track of everything. Currently, we have integrations with Slack, Google Calendar, Asana, and Tandem - with many more coming soon! View our integration roadmap.

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