Taskable makes managing Slack easy. Quickly turn conversations into tasks. No more important Slack messages slipping through the cracks.

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Have you succumbed to the ‘Slack to do list’ problem?

It happened to us all the time. A co-worker asks you to complete a task. Even though it’s a low priority, you feel compelled to do it right away, otherwise, you’ll forget. It will slip through the cracks, and never get done.

Or maybe, you have multiple to-do’s spread across multiple Slack channels. When you log back in to find them, you get bogged down in new messages, and new notifications. You start working on something else, and before you know it you’ve forgotten about the original message you were trying to find.

That’s why we built a Slack integration for Taskable.

Building the Best Slack App

We love Slack here at Taskable. It’s a great way to communicate, brainstorm, and share ideas. Especially when remote. However, we think the best Slack apps give users better control of the firehose of information being thrown around in your many Slack conversations.

You should be able to save the important information from Slack. That way, when you start on a task, you don’t have to go back to Slack to find the relevant information.

How the Slack Integration works

That’s where the Taskable Slack app comes in!

When you set up our Slack integration, you can easily turn slack messages into a task. Simply hover over a message, click more actions, and select ‘Create an Action’.

Create a task right from Slack

Don't let Slack messages get lost!

This lets you move from a separate Slack to-do list, to have a single source of truth from Slack, and our other integrations.

Link to your Slack Teams

Any task you add to Taskable from Slack contains a link back to the original message. This makes it quick and easy to jump back into the conversation if you need to clarify something or let your co-workers know you’ve completed the work.

Future Slack App Improvements

We have big plans to improve the Slack integration in Taskable.

We’ll soon add slash commands, making it even quicker to create tasks from Slack messages. We’ll also begin automating some task creation from Slack by better identifying which Slack messages are really to-dos, and automatically populating them in Taskable for you.


Have you been using the Slack integration? We’d love to hear from you! Share your feedback with us, and help us make it even better!

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