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A 40 hour time-blocked work week, I estimate, produces the same amount of output as a 60+ hour work week pursued without structure

- Cal Newport, Productivity Guru

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Stop copying and pasting between tools. Taskable automagically brings tasks from your project managers, Slack, even email into a single view. Then drag them into your calendar with one click.

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I'm not saying Taskable has changed my life, but I will say I've gotten more of my to-do list done (for both work and personal tasks) this week than I have in a while... so yes, it might be changing my life!
Brittany Joiner
Frontend Developer
I just wanted to say thank you! I was looking at my list of 70 todo items on my Todoist and I was feeling a little stressed. But then I started dividing it up by day into the scheduled view and now it all feels doable! This feels like a game-changer!
Joel Ewing
It's awesome that my tasks sync automatically so I don't have to duplicate todos!
Zach Gramstad
Product Engineer
This will be better than Notion
Andrios Robert
I love using Taskable. It’s a great solution for a busy early-stage founder working across multiple projects and tools.
Priyanka Sundhar
Taskable is a personal task list for elite operators
Amin Kasimov

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