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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but email is not a task manager. With the Taskable Gmail integration, you can control your inbox, instead of your inbox controlling you.

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Taskable Gmail integration
I want to check this out, but this isn't a priority yet. Good thing I can send it to Taskable and check it out later.

With the Gmail integration, we create a label for you in Gmail called ‘Taskable’. Now, when any task comes your way, instead of marking it as unread, or dropping everything and doing it right away so you don’t forget, you can send just label it Taskable.

Then when you log back into Taskable, you’ll find that email in your Inbox, along with all your other priorities. Now you can properly prioritize, without letting someone else dictate your day for you.

Changing how you interact with email

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with email. Part of the problem is, important emails are generally a task. You need to write a follow-up. You need to update a project. You need to remember to do something - that’s why you were sent the email in the first place.

The problem is, when you are answering emails, your goal is to get through them all quickly. The task at hand is answering emails.  But with each email, you have another task you have to keep in mind. Sometimes they seem important, so you do them right away. But, then you are forgetting about all the other important things you need to get done.

With Taskable, we instead make it super easy for you to push the tasks from email, into your single source of truth. Our Gmail integration allows you to prioritize all your work appropriately, among all your other priorities. Whether it comes from Gmail, Slack, Asana, or any of the other places you are getting assigned tasks.

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How many Gmail accounts can I connect?

As many as you’d like!

How do I see tasks in Gmail?

You can navigate quickly back to the Taskable app and see everything there.