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Taskable is a smart to-do list and productivity assistant that keeps you in flow

Find your Flow

Taskable helps you get things done with less stress

Unify your tasks so you can spend less time searching, and more time getting stuff done

Capture everything

The stuff you need to get done comes from everywhere: Slack messages, Asana tasks, and browsing the web. Make sure none of it slips through the cracks.

Browser Extension

Stay on track

We all get distracted throughout the day. Our browser extension gives you gentle nudges throughout the day to get back to work on your priorities.


Focus on impact

Taskable makes it quick and easy to plan your day by putting the work at the top of your list that will move the needle most, and helps you accomplish your goals.


Don't reinvent the wheel

Import actionable and easy to follow checklists right into your Taskable. We have templates for everything from launching on Product Hunt, to improving conversions on your website, and much more!


Connect With The Apps You Use for Work or Home

Taskable integrates with the products you use, bringing all your tasks, files and communications in one place so you always know what to do next. View our integrations roadmap.

“This will be better than Notion”
Andrios, Founder@Decimals
“Taskable enables me to focus on building things that matter”
Jan, Co-Founder@Guut
"Usually keeping track of all the things I have to get done is chaotic. It's been great bringing everything into one place."
Alexandra, Founder@Acute
"Very simple to use and it’s really helpful in my day-to-day"
Tristan, Developer@Idronect
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