Our upcoming Trello integration lets you bring in cards assigned to you into Taskable, along with all your tasks and communications.

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Sign in with your Trello account, and we’ll start importing cards assigned to you from Trello boards, right into your Taskable inbox.

Not only that, but Taskable will pull in the relevant information from Trello you need to complete your tasks. Card details, due dates, board position, labels, and status.

You’ll be able to log in with multiple accounts across all your Trello boards and teams.

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Let’s face it - very few organizations use just one task management or project management tool. Often, all the work you need to get done is spread across Trello, GitHub, Asana, HubSpot tasks, Miro, and Notion. Not to mention tasks coming your way from email and Slack.

Instead of spending a bunch of time searching across multiple platforms, you can keep track of all your projects and to-dos right from Taskable.

Pull everything you need into one place by combing the Trello integration with the other Taskable integrations.

For more information on how to integrate, you can check out our Help Center article here.


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Not seeing the integration you need? Suggest one and we'll add it to the roadmap.

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Will my power ups sync to Taskable?

It will depend on the power ups you use for your Trello boards. In any case, we’ll always link you back to your Trello cards so you can keep track of the information you need.

Will the Trello card sync when I update in Taskable?

Yes - it will be two-way sync so you can manage your Trello cards and their position on your boards, right from Taskable.

Who should use the Trello integration?

If you manage projects across multiple platforms, we think you’ll save a lot of time with this feature. Keep track of the firehose of information and tasks from across the 10+ tools you use at work, from your personal productivity workspace.