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Taskable is built on integrations and extensions. Learn how our Basecamp integration can boost your productivity and focus.

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Basecamp is a powerful project manager and team collaboration platform. With the upcoming Taskable Basecamp integration, you'll be able to sync to-dos to your Taskable account.

Simply log in to your Basecamp account from Taskable, and we'll start syncing to do's into your Taskable. To do's will be updated in Basecamp as you update them in Taskable. So if you change the due date, description, or mark as done in Taskable, we'll update the original to do via the Basecamp integration.

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Are you struggling with tasks, to-dos, messages, and files spread across multiple tools? Often teams use multiple platforms to manage projects and communications.

That's where Taskable comes in! We are a web-based platform that integrates with the tools you use for work. Taskable gives you a central hub for your personal productivity, no matter where your tasks are coming from.--


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Not seeing the integration you need? Suggest one and we'll add it to the roadmap.

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Does Taskable have a CRM integration?

We are working on integrations with both Pipedrive and HubSpot.

Why is there no Basecamp Slack Integration?

We don't have a good answer, but we can tell you that Taskable has a Slack integration, so you can link Slack messages and Basecamp to dos in Taskable.

How much more per month will the Basecamp integration be?

It will be included in your pro plan!

Can Taskable help me track time I spend on Basecamp tasks?

Not yet! We have a timer on our roadmap, but for now we recommend using Toggl Track or another time tracking app.

What other Basecamp integrations does Taskable work with?

We are currently building a Zapier integration, and have plans for integrations with time tracking tools like Toggl and Harvest.

Is there a Basecamp Trello integration?

No, but Taskable will also integrate with Trello so you'll be able to centralize everything within Taskable.