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Integrate Taskable with juts about every other tool you can imagine with Zapier

About the





Zapier enables you to connect Taskable to all the other tools you use that aren't already supported by our native integrations.

Why you should use the





You’ll need a Zapier account if you don’t have one already.

Then you can start setting up integrations or automation - or Zaps as they are called in Zapier. You’ll set up triggers - ie when something happens in another app (someone fills out a form on your website) - that can then create a task for you in Taskable (send that person a follow up email).

Alternatively, you can also set up Zaps where Taskable is the trigger. For example, every time I check off a task in my Work space, then send a Slack message telling the channel the task name has been completed.


Taskable lets you connect 



Not seeing the integration you need? Suggest one and we'll add it to the roadmap.

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FAQs about the





What is Zapier?

An integration platform that enables you to connect apps you and pass information between them.

How much does Zapier cost?

It’s free to start. You can create 5 zaps, and run 100 tasks per month on the free plan. That’s 100 times you won’t have to do data entry!

How to create a Zapier integration

Once you’ve created a Zapier account, there are a few basic concepts you’ll need to understand to get going with Zapier integrations. The first is a trigger step or trigger app. This is what sets the Zap in motion. The next is the action step, or what happens once a Zap is triggered. You can have multiple action steps for each Zap.

For example, when someone fills out your survey in Typeform (the trigger) and you want it to send a message on Slack with the survey results (action step 1) and also create a task for yourself in Taskable to follow up with them (action step 2).

What cool things can you do with the Zapier integration?

We have some ideas for how we’ll use the Zapier integration to automate repetitive tasks and boring data entry.

Google Sheets

We often do some project management and prioritization using a simple Google sheet. One Zap we’d love to set up is to create a task in Taskable when an action item enters the ‘in progress’ state.

Social media automation

We love to engage with new followers. We could set up a Zap where every time we get a new follower, we get a task to go and say hello on Twitter.

Or, to improve accountability, what about a Zap that sends a tweet every time you complete an extra-large task in Taskable.

HubSpot/Pipedrive tasks

We’d love to set up a Zapier integration between HubSpot or Pipedrive tasks and Taskable. We love that you can create tasks in your CRM - it’s just that we always forget to check them.