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Using Pipedrive to close deals, and tired of managing activities across multiple tools? With the Taskable Pipedrive integration, we automatically add all your assigned Pipedrive activities into Taskable, so you can manage everything in one place.

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Pipedrive integration

Set up the integration with your Pipedrive account, and we'll start syncing Pipedrive to your Taskable inbox. That way you can keep track, and complete Pipedrive activities from Taskable, with all the context you need to get things done.

Why use the Pipedrive integration

The activities feature in Pipedrive is a great tool for a sales rep or sales team that spends all their time managing a sales pipeline. But, if you are a founder, or working across multiple teams with their own project management tools, it can be a pain to have your tasks spread across all these platforms.

Save time by bringing all tasks from across these platforms into one place. Add activities from Pipedrive into Taskable, where you can plan and prioritize everything, from your single source of truth.

Key features of the Pipedrive integration

When you set up the integration, Taskable will begin importing activities assigned to you in Pipedrive to your Taskable account.

We'll also sync and link to the associate records with that task, so you can see the deal or contact the task is related, and quickly head to their entry in the Pipedrive CRM for more context. We'll also sync the due date, Pipedrive team, and task type.

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How to use Pipedrive and Taskable?

As activities are assigned to you in Pipedrive, they'll automatically sync to your Taskable account. That way you can combine it with tasks created for you from all the other tools you user for work, like Asana, Trello, as well as email and Slack messages.

What other Pipedrive integrations are there?

Pipedrive has a ton of native integrations to extend the crm product. Check them out here.

How much does Pipedrive cost?

The essential plan runs at $12.50 per user, all the way up to $99 per user on the Enterprise plan.