Adding a bit of prioritization to Actions

February 24, 2020

We've focused on the Actions page over the last couple weeks, based on some early feedback and using Taskable ourselves. This release is the first step in creating the fastest, most distraction-free task management experience possible.

Set your day's targets and get more done

The first of these features is a simple way to help you prioritise your day. When you log into actions you'll be able to add tasks to your Today section, or punt them into Upcoming.

That reminds me... I need to clean up my desktop

When you are ready to work on an Action you hit the play button and that adds it into Now. The idea is to help you stay focused on the task at hand, so we only let you add one thing to Now at a time.

We've also changed how you add a new Action. It's now across the top of the screen so you don't have to scroll to the bottom of your list to add new items.

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That's it for now. Let us know what you think. Next update lookout for more filtering and tagging 🏷