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⬆️ Bulk editing and drag-and-drop improvements

⬆️ Bulk editing and drag-and-drop improvements

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November 15, 2021


  • When bulk editing, once you’ve selected a task you can hold down shift to select all tasks in between
  • We’ve improved drag and drop functionality so it shouldn’t be as finicky, along with a few other small bug fixes.

Bulk editing

We’ve made it easier to mass select tasks to bulk edit. If you want to select several consecutive tasks, you can now:

  • Select the top task
  • Hold down shift and select the bottom task
  • Then every task in between will also be selected

Bug fixes

  • Drag and drop should work better now, and not be as finicky when dropping in a new column
  • We fixed a bug where you could mark a task as complete multiple times using the keyboard shortcut
  • Jira wasn’t syncing which is now fixed
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