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Chrome extension v1

Chrome extension v1

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September 9, 2020

We are very excited to ship our Chrome extension today! Our goal for the extension is to help you stay focused on what you're supposed to be working on, as well as add necessary information and create Actions quickly, from anywhere you are on the web. This is a very early version, and there's lots more to come on both of these fronts. But, here's how it works today. This will work on any Chromium-based browser, including Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Opera.

How it works

First, you can see all the Actions from your Today list, and even check them off from the extension. Just hit the extension button, and it will pop up for you.

Make sure to give Taskable pole position on your extension list

You can also add new Actions from the extension by clicking (or tabbing over to) the Add New tab. In this first version we don't grab a link or any other metadata about the webpage you are on currently, but that will come soon.

Why is GA so bad?

Finally, you can link back to the Taskable app by clicking on the Taskable tab.

A few things to keep in mind - once you add the extension you might need to pin it so you can always see it in the window. You can do that by hitting the puzzle icon in the top right hand corner of the Chrome window, scrolling down to Taskable and clicking on the pin icon.

I have lots of extensions 😬

I've even added a keyboard shortcut so all I have to do is hit ⬆⌘A to pull up the extension! You can do that by going to chrome://extensions/shortcuts in your browser.

That's it for now. Excited to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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