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Command your Calendar πŸ“…

Command your Calendar πŸ“…

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September 24, 2020

We have a few super exciting features to share today. The first is our Google Calendar integration. Lots of users (myself included) struggled with planning their day because they would inevitably underestimate the number of calls or meetings they had in a given day.

So, we've created a calendar integration. We pull your day's events to Taskable to help you better plan and stay on top of your day without having to switch over to Google Calendar. You'll see them all, along with your day's planned Actions, in the new Today tab.

Demo account innit

To set it up, head over to the integrations page. Warning:Β if you are a legacy user of the old Gmail integration, setting up Calendar will mean the Gmail integration no longer works. We are still waiting on approval from Gmail so click through the scary warning message if you are comfortable doing so.

You can also schedule new event directly from Taskable using our new Command Center feature. Hit CTRL+Q on your keyboard to pop it up.

I'm going to need those TPS reports ASAP

The other command we have is toggling on and off dark mode. Hit CTRL+Q to pop up the Command Center, and type the dark-mode command.

Much dark, very night

That's it for now. For the more video inclined, check out the latest demo below.

Most importantly, let us know what other Commands you would like to see in Taskable!

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