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🖥 Desktop 2.0 beta

🖥 Desktop 2.0 beta

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April 1, 2022

🖥 We have a new desktop app in beta! The new app will be shortcut driven, so you'll be able to open Taskable, and even add a task from anywhere on your desktop without touching your mouse.

If you'd like early access to the beta get in touch.

🐛 Other than the desktop app, we've mainly focused on bug fixes and performance improvements! A partial list of things we've fixed since our last update:

  • Date selector on Today page closing when navigating between months
  • Issue with Jira tasks not syncing
  • Annual and weekly recurring tasks not working as expected
  • Saving overlay when adding a task to the calendar
  • Being able to click anywhere in the description box to start editing
  • Syncing marking as complete between HubSpot and Taskable
  • App becoming unresponsive after internet connection is lost
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