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Drag and drop steps, bug fixes and a secret new feature 🤫

Drag and drop steps, bug fixes and a secret new feature 🤫

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June 3, 2020

🤏 We've brought the same drag and drop functionality now in Actions into steps

🐛 We've shipped a few bug fixes as well, including:

  • Duplicate labels being created
  • Importance sort
  • Recurring Actions now skip the New list and go to either Upcoming or To Do depending on which rules it fits

😻 Like In-N-Out, we've shipped a secret menu. Also like In-N-Out, it's not so secret. We have a new template feature that lets quickly import a checklist template to your Taskble account. The first one we've added is our checklist for launching on Product Hunt. If you want to add it to your Taskable account, simply click here. In addition to the checklist, we also have a guide with more content available here.

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