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💳 Announcing our free plan, improved calendar, a bit of joy + more

💳 Announcing our free plan, improved calendar, a bit of joy + more

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July 16, 2021


  • We are now offering a free plan for Taskable users. If you aren’t using any of our premium integrations, you’ll now be able to access Taskable for no charge.
  • Calendar improvements, including one click to join your next call
  • Description editor now autosaves and works better
  • Completed tasks are visible on Today view so you can see your progress
  • Changed icons on the sidebar so they are more clear
  • Fixed a bug where the archive button wasn’t working properly

Free plan

We’ve changed the pricing model for Taskable, so now there is an entirely free tier. With this plan, you get the core task management features of Taskable, including the board view, today view, browser extension, and the calendar integration, for free forever.

Get that virtual hug

If you’d like to use premium integrations, including Slack, Asana, Trello, Clubhouse, and soon Jira, then you’ll need to upgrade to Pro ($10 per month, or $100 for the year). We’ll give you a 30-day trial when you do upgrade so you can test drive the integrations and be sure they work for you.

If you are a current Pro Plan user and not wanting to downgrade to the free plan you can do so by heading to the Manage My Subscription link in Taskable.

Calendar schedule view + join video calls with one click

We’ve changed the calendar to a schedule view, so you see a digest of all your events for the day more clearly. We also now show all the day’s events, even the ones that have passed.

We’ve also added a link so when a calendar contains a Zoom or Meet link, you can join the call with one click from Taskable.

So much cleaner

New and improved description editor with autosave

We’ve improved the functionality of the description editor so it doesn’t randomly open when you click on it. If you want to make changes to the description, click on Edit and go to town.

Best of all, everything you type will autosave so no need to hit the save button (but it’s still there in case it makes you feel better).


View completed tasks in Today

Now when you mark a task as complete, you’ll see it in your Today view. That way you get the satisfaction of seeing all the work you got done today.

I got a lot done today

Also, when you now complete all your scheduled tasks for the day you get a little reward.

High five

New sidebar icons

We changed up the sidebar icons for Today (calendar) and All Tasks (checkmark) so they are a bit more clear.


Archive bug fix

We fixed a bug where when you archived a task, it wouldn’t appear as archived in the task description.

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