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💌 Gmail integration beta + a brand new Chrome extension

💌 Gmail integration beta + a brand new Chrome extension

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September 15, 2021


  • We have a beta/preview version of our Gmail integration live. Add an email as a task with one click by starring messages.
  • Our Chrome extension v.2 is out, now with web clipping and an improved UI.

Gmail integration beta

We are live with our Gmail integration. When you are going through your inbox, and you come across a task you can now quickly sync the email to Taskable by starring the message.

This is a beta feature, and when you set it up you’ll need to click through the below message. We still have to go through the approval process with Google, but rest assured the feature is secure, and we will only sync emails that you star.

How to add the Gmail integration while in beta

Chrome extension v.2

We’ve completed a long-overdue revamp of our Chrome extension. Besides the bug fixes and much-improved UI, we also clip the URL of whichever page you are on when you create the task so you can come back to it later. If you have a bunch of open tabs, you can now close them and come back to them later.

If you already have the extension, you should have the latest version already. If you need to download it, get it here.

We have some more improvements to come with the extension, so keep an eye out.

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