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📅 New and improved calendar and timeblocking

📅 New and improved calendar and timeblocking

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January 5, 2022


  • We’ve switched from a schedule to an actual calendar on the Today view
  • Dragging and dropping tasks to your calendar is significantly improved, with easy dragging and resizing to change start and end times

New calendar view

A while back we released our first version of timeblocking in Taskable. We’ve written up the importance of timeblocking previously if you are interested in learning more about the philosophy behind it.

Following feedback on that early version, we spent the last month working on adding an actual calendar into Taskable to make timeblocking super simple and quick.

What that means is now on the Today view, rather than our old schedule view, you will see a proper calendar view.

Improved timeblocking

With the new calendar view, we are able to make our timeblocking feature even better. From Today view, you can drag tasks across from your task list into the calendar. That creates a calendar event in your primary calendar, so you can see it in both Taskable and Google Calendar. This means no one can schedule a meeting or calendly event for the time you’ve blocked off. Plus, whoever has access to your calendar gets a better idea of what you are working on.

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