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Introducing: Board View

Introducing: Board View

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January 17, 2021

It’s been a while since our last product update, but we think it is worth the wait. We’ve revamped the UI with a board view, increased performance and speed in the app, and made adding tasks more intuitive. We even managed to clean up some technical debt ahead of onboarding our first team members outside of the founding team.

This update has been released to all users, so when you log into Taskable you should see some big changes. Read on for how it all works.

Board view

Or as I like to call, sideways lists. Now the ‘All’ tab is a board view, by popular demand. And we’ve updated how we help you prioritize. By default, all new tasks first go to Upcoming. We also suggest the top tasks to you by putting them at the top of the Upcoming list based on what is coming due soon, or high priority items.

We also added a ‘Someday’ list for things you aren’t ready to let go of but aren’t priorities in the near future. These won’t show up in the Due tab.

And we changed the ‘In Progress’ list to ‘Blocked’ which we hope is a bit clearer.

Improved adding a task

How to add a task is much more clear. And, we’ve made the flow a bit better so you can choose to quickly add a task and go back to what you were working on, or add more details and do things like add effort and impact, due date, description, and more.

Improved speed and performance

We did a lot of work on the backend to clean up technical debt, and improve speed and performance. We want to make this a superfast experience, so you should notice more responsiveness to Taskable going forward.

That’s it for now. This latest update lays the foundation for some exciting new stuff we are building, so stay tuned.

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