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⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts and GitHub pull requests

⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts and GitHub pull requests

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October 14, 2021


  • Taskable now supports keyboard shortcuts
  • In addition to issues, we also sync any GitHub pull requests assigned to you to Taskable

Keyboard shortcuts

Another one of our highly requested features, we now support some basic keyboard shortcuts to do things like add tasks, and navigate around Taskable.

Below is a list of the version 1 shortcuts, and we have lots more to come. Let us know which ones we are missing or that you’d like to see!

You can always get a reminder about these shortcuts by heading to the keyboard shortcut tutorial page (or click on the keyboard icon in the sidebar).

GitHub integration now syncs pull requests

We now sync pull requests, in addition to issues, that are assigned to you in GitHub.

If you have the integration already set up, there is no further set up required.

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