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๐Ÿ”Œ New integrations with Trello and Clubhouse + two-way syncing

๐Ÿ”Œ New integrations with Trello and Clubhouse + two-way syncing

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June 4, 2021

Today we released integrations with Trello and Clubhouse (the project management tool, not the buzzy new social network). Better yet, we've also added two-way syncing for our project management tools integrations, including Asana*, Trello, and Clubhouse!

New integrations

You can now integrate with Trello and Clubhouse with a couple clicks. Taskable will then import all cards and user stories assigned to you. If you are using multiple project managers, now you can have a unified view of all your tasks, along with critical Slack messages, in Taskable. This means less context switching across multiple tools and more getting work done. Additionally, seeing everything in one view makes it easier to plan and prioritize your most critical tasks.

We have a few more integrations coming soon, including Jira and GitHub. If you'd like to suggest other integrations, please do so here (or just reply to this email).

Two way syncing

We've also added two-way syncing for our integrations with Asana along with Trello and Clubhouse. When you update descriptions, due dates, and task names in Taskable, it will reflect the original task, card, or user story. And with Asana, marking something as complete in Taskable will also be reflected in the original task in Asana.

Current Asana integration users

* Important note for users of the Asana integration - you'll need to set the Asana integration again to continue syncing tasks to Taskable. You can do that with just a couple clicks on the integration page.

Get going

Ready to try out these new integrations? Head over to the integrations page in Taskable and set them up.

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