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👋 Pricing and onboarding changes

👋 Pricing and onboarding changes

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January 20, 2022


  • The user onboard experience has changed to accommodate our new pricing model, which is $10 per month for everyone
  • Deleting tasks from the calendar has improved
  • Fixed a bug with bulk editing
  • Marking a Gmail task as complete now archives the original email

New pricing and onboard

We are officially moving out of our early adopter pricing phase of $5, and removing our free plan. The new pricing will be a simple $10 per month ($100 annually) pricing for all users. We’ve updated the onboarding flow to accommodate this pricing structure.

If you are an existing Pro user, nothing will change for you. If you are currently on the free plan, we will keep you there for the next six months, after which you’ll need to upgrade to the $10 per month plan to continue using Taskable. We’ll send you email updates when that change is around the corner so you don’t get blindsided by the new pricing.

Thanks to everyone who signed up early to Taskable!

Deleting calendar items

We’ve made it easier to delete calendar items from Taskable. When you click on a calendar event, a tooltip will pop up, and you can select the delete icon to remove it from your calendar. You can do this with regular calendar events, and timeblocked Taskable tasks. For the latter, once deleted from your calendar it will move from the Timeblock section back to the To Do section, and you can reschedule it again if you’d like.

You can also click through from the tooltip to the calendar event in your Google calendar by clicking on the name of the event.

Bulk editing bug

We fixed a small bug that wasn’t letting user bulk edit certain tasks. That should all be working now, but if you are still having issues please let us know!

Gmail archiving

For Gmail integration users, now when you mark a Gmail task as complete it will archive that email for you. Hopefully that saves you an extra step.

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