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Prioritize on Autopilot

Prioritize on Autopilot

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May 21, 2020

We have a fairly big release out today. To see a demo, check out our video.


The first thing you might notice is additional list names. We now have your Actions broken into the following lists - with what each means:

  • Today - Things you are working on today
  • In Progress - Things you’ve started working on but aren’t a priority today, or you are blocked/waiting for someone else on
  • To Do - Things that are in scope or due soon - this is based on how big of a task they are (more on this later)
  • New - Newly created actions that need to be prioritized
  • Upcoming - Things that are due in the future that you probably don’t need to give brain space to right now

Within Actions, we’ve also added features to help prioritize and focus on higher impact work. These include the Effort and Impact fields. For these, you can set how much work and time a task will take, as well as how much impact does it have. We've also add a Joy field - so how does this task make you feel (more to come on this in future updates).

The sizing of the Action helps us move it between your Upcoming List to your To Do list. The way we think about it as follow:

  • Small - Can do several of these a day. They automatically get added to the To Do section if they are due today or tomorrow.
  • Medium - About a day of work. These get added to To Do three days before they are due.
  • Large - Across a few days of work. These go to To Do seven days before the due date.
  • XL - Across a week. These go to To Do 14 days before they are due.

Of course, now with drag and drop, you can easily move them yourself across these lists. We are just there in the background to make sure you don’t forget about anything.

Finally, we use impact and size for our new default Importance sort. So, we put the highest impact, lowest effort Actions at the top to help you focus on the highest leverage things.

Spaces Updates

We’ve also changed the way spaces works. Now they function more like folders, where Actions are nested within a Space. You can add labels here as well, and use that for your filtering. So, if you have a work Space, you can create labels for Admin, Marketing, Product, or whatever you need it to be. For a personal Space, you can have a place for all your shopping lists. We’ve also moved the Space sort to the left side of the screen so you can do it quicker.

All Actions start life in the Default Space and you can then assign them to a different space.

That’s about it for now. Lot’s more to come soon, so stay tuned!

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