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🐛 Scheduling improvements and bug fixes

🐛 Scheduling improvements and bug fixes

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August 4, 2021


  • You can see how many tasks you’ve scheduled for each day from your board view, and collapse the date
  • Upcoming and overdue tasks have a gentle reminder on the task card
  • Fixed bug that redirected you to an error page from tasks created in the Chrome extension
  • New help desk and chat icon

Scheduled view improvements

When on your board, you will see the number of tasks already scheduled for a given day. That way you don’t overload a single day with too much to do.

You can also collapse each day within the Scheduled column in case the list gets too long.

Due date reminder

We’ve added a subtle indication that a task is due/overdue. For tasks due today/tomorrow, you’ll see a little yellow dot, and for overdue tasks it will turn red.

Chrome extension link bug

We fixed a bug that linked you to an error page after creating a new task in the extension. Now when you click on the link it will take you right to the newly created task in Taskable.

More to come on the Chrome extension soon :)

Help desk

We’ve created a new help desk with articles on how to use Taskable. Check it out at help.taskablehq.com, and let us know if there are any other articles you’d like to see.

While in Taskable you can quickly access the articles by hitting the question mark icon in the bottom left of the sidebar.

And of course, you can still chat with us by hitting the chat icon. Within chat, you can also search for help articles without having to leave the Taskable app.

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