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Start date and rearranging the filter menu

Start date and rearranging the filter menu

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April 17, 2020

You might have noticed some little changes today. We've added start dates to Actions, because we know often you don't start and end something in one day. We don't anyway. There is more to come with start dates/due dates, and how we help you bubble up the things that need your attention now. Keep an eye out 👀

Going to take me about a week probably

We've also changed around the add Action, filtering and sorting layout on the top of the page. You can now filter Actions by keyword searches. Also, the filters are always present.

Ah that reminds me... I have to order those cakes 🎂

Finally, you'll notice some links on the lefthand sidebar:

  • Navigate here to the Update page to see the latest updates.
  • Quickly request features, and keep tabs on the features we are working on. This is powered by our friends over at Acute.
  • Tell your friends!
  • Chat with us - this pops up our chat widget so youcan speak directly with us if you have questions or issues.

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