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📦 Task import from integrations, bulk editing, and bug fixes

📦 Task import from integrations, bulk editing, and bug fixes

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October 6, 2021


  • Import existing tasks from the integrations
  • Bulk edit tasks
  • Improved speed of marking as complete
  • Chrome extension bugs fixed
  • Various bug fixes

Task import

You can now import existing tasks from any of our project manager integrations (Shortcut, Jira, GitHub, Trello, and Asana).

If you are an existing user and want to import old tasks from any of these integrations, head over to the integrations page, and select ‘Sync old tasks’ where you’ll be able to select how far back you want to sync tasks from. We’ll only import unarchived or tasks not marked as done.

For new users, once you’ve set up an integration, scroll down on the integrations page and find your integration to sync existing tasks.

Bulk editing

You can now bulk edit tasks in Taskable!

When you hover over a task, you’ll see a checkbox appear in the top right corner. Select as many tasks as you’d like, and you can update all of them at once in the header menu. If you change your mind, just hit cancel.

Marking as Done performance improvement

You might have noticed when marking a task as done from the task description view, it was pretty slow to change to the done column. This caused issues if you closed the task description too quickly.

We’ve made it much quicker so you shouldn’t be having those issues anymore.

Chrome extension bugs

We fixed several bugs with the new Chrome extension, including:

  • Link pointing to our test environment
  • All integrations showing as Asana

Bug fixes/small updates

  • Changed Clubhouse to Shortcut to reflect their name change
  • Filter reset button works for Spaces and labels on board view
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t add steps to tasks that also contained a link
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