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🗓 Timeblock tasks in your calendar, GitHub integration, and more!

🗓 Timeblock tasks in your calendar, GitHub integration, and more!

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September 13, 2021


  • Add tasks to your calendar to block time, and hold yourself accountable
  • Schedule tasks beyond the next five days
  • Switch between days in My Day view
  • Our GitHub integration is live
  • We now only sync your primary calendar
  • Fixed a bug with links in recurring tasks

Timeblock tasks in your calendar

One of our most requested features: you can now drag and drop tasks into your calendar from the Today view. This will allow you to timeblock so no one schedules a meeting, and hold yourself accountable for doing certain tasks at certain times.

To try out this feature, head over to Today. You can drag tasks over to your calendar, and drop them into any of the available time slots in your calendar. Once you’ve dropped it there, you can readjust the length and time of the task.

Schedule tasks beyond five days

Another highly requested feature: you can now schedule tasks any day into the future! From the task description view, click on the schedule date, and select whichever date you’d like for that task to pop back up.

From the scheduled column, you will only be able to drag and drop tasks in the next seven days, and all tasks scheduled beyond then will be in the Future section. So, you will need to use the drop-down calendar in the task description view in order to start scheduling to a new date beyond the next seven days.

Does that make sense? Try it out and let us know!

Switch between days in My Day

You will now be able to scroll forward days into the future from the Today view and see tasks and events scheduled for those days. This will let you view more of your calendar from Taskable, as well as schedule tasks to your calendar multiple days into the future.

GitHub integration

We now integrate with GitHub! Any issues assigned to you will now sync to your Taskable inbox. This is a two-way sync integration, so title changes and marking as close/complete will sync both ways between Taskable and GitHub.

Head to the integrations page to set it up.

Only syncing primary calendar

We now only sync your primary calendar to Taskable, rather than every calendar you are subscribed to. This way, you aren’t seeing your colleague’s calendars in Taskable, and it makes scheduling tasks to your calendar easier as well.

You can still set up multiple calendars, so you can add your work and personal calendars and we’ll sync both of those.

Fixed recurring task link bug

We fixed a bug where links in recurring tasks did not recur to subsequent tasks.

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