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✅ Todoist integration + performance improvements

✅ Todoist integration + performance improvements

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November 8, 2021


  • Taskable now has a two-way integration with Todoist. Import existing Todoist tasks to Taskable, and your ongoing tasks.
  • We’ve added a EU data center, and made some other database changes to improve performance

Todoist integration

The Taskable <> Todoist integration is now live!

When you set up the integration, you’ll be able to import existing Todoist tasks. Then, any tasks added to your Todoist will sync to Taskable going forward. This is a two-way sync, so marking as complete, and changing due date/title/description will sync between both tools.

Set it up here!

Performance improvements

We’ve added an EU data center, and also made some database changes that will improve performance across Taskable. If you are experiencing any major performance issues, please do let us know by sending an email or hitting us up in the chat.

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