Active Pre-Seed Investors: A definitive list

Active Pre-Seed Investors: A definitive list

July 12, 2021
Matt Johnson

Pre-seed investors list, including over 80 active VCs and funds that actually invest at the pre-seed stage, with rounds of ~$1m. Add a fund to the list!

Lots of investors claim to invest at the earliest stages. But when you check their investing history on Crunchbase or other databases, they only seem to get involved in multi-million dollar seed rounds, and beyond. We'd been doing a bit of research for our own fundraise on who are the true pre-seed investors, backing companies in the early stages in rounds of around $1m or even less.

We think this pretty active, pre-seed focused funds is exhaustive. However, we've certainly missed a few. We invite you to add your own here. The only criteria is that they are actually writing checks in pre-seed rounds on a regular basis, and are recently active.

Check out our guide to raising capital

Below is the database in Airtable. Are we missing information? Suggest an edit so we can keep the list up to date.

May 3, 2021
Matt Johnson

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