Best Slack Communities for Founders

Best Slack Communities for Founders

April 8, 2020
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March 24, 2021

I spend a lot of time in communities. Here are the best Slack communities for founders that I've come across.

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. My problem is I'm a member of too many Slack communities. There. I said it. In all seriousness, I'm finding these groups particularly helpful right now. I wouldn't describe myself as an extrovert by any means. However, I am missing a bit of human connection. I find Slack communities to be an excellent substitute.

Why Slack groups? Well, I have a love/hate relationship with Slack. As a tool for communicating and collaborating in real-time in a team, it's great. For staying focused while trying to get work done, Slack has room to improve.

Where I think Slack shines is as a platform for online communities. Old school forums and message boards are silos. You often don't get engagement on your post. It feels slow and old. Communities built on Slack, on the other hand, are much more engaging. It feels more like networking or being at a roundtable where you can ask questions and get immediate feedback, talk with whomever you want, and have back and forth.

It's certainly not a perfect tool for the job. Most communities use the free plan, so you can't view old content. The number of channels often gets unruly. Moderators have a tough time stopping spam and crossposting. It would great if Slack would add more forum-specific features to address these issues.

Moving past the medium, here are my favorite Slack communities right now. I hope they help you connect with the outside world, get feedback, and share best practices as much as they've helped me.

Tech London Slack

For anyone interested in the London/UK tech scene

Best Slack communities: Tech London Slack

Tech London is the first community built on Slack that I joined. It was intimidating at first over there, but the feedback and support you get are among the best I've experienced. Avoid spamming and posting in the wrong channels, and you'll be all right.

Why I Like It

The focus is London, so in the before times it was easy to grab a coffee with people you meet there. The forum spans a wide range of topics. There are channels for everything from food and drink to code. The content and advice on marketing is among the best I've ever come across.

Top Channels

  • #marketing - If you are looking for tips and best practices on marketing and growth, spend time here.
  • #feedback - Need impartial feedback on your new landing page? Have a survey you want to get in front of people? The feedback I've received from the community in this channel is consistently excellent.
  • #shameless-plug - Sometimes, you need to plug something. Nothing wrong with that. Launching on Product Hunt? Need some beta testers? Do it here (and not in #feedback, everyone can see right through you).

This Week in Startups

For fans of the This Week in Startups Podcast

TWiST Slack was formed for fans of the podcast of the same name, hosted by Jason Calacanis. It's a great community of founders from all over the world, sharing feedback and helping each other solve problems.

Why I Like It

It's a really active community, and you can get answers to your questions quickly. It's particularly useful if you are fundraising.

Top Channels

  • #fundraising - Get tips on how to close your round
  • #founders - Discuss all things related to being a founder
  • #smallwins - Come here to humblebrag about your day

Mind the Product

For product people

Picking my favorite PM group is a tough one. There are lots of great ones. I have also spent time in Product School and The Product Group. But I find myself coming back to Mind the Product the most.

Why I Like It

As someone relatively new to product management, I've found the resources and community here to be extraordinarily helpful and eager to support one another. I've even managed to have coffees and get some mentorship and advice from a few people.

Top Channels

  • #pmmentoring - If you are new to product management like me, or just looking for someone with a bit more experience to help you on your way, find them here.
  • #data-driven-pm - For PMs looking to become more data-driven, look no further. Resources and advice on making more data-driven product decisions.

We Work Remotely

For navigating being a remote worker

If you are a remote worker, then We Work Remotely is the place for you. Find tools and resources for working remotely, share your favorite work from home (WFH) gear, and even get feedback on your resume.

Why I Like It

I've been remote for the last nine months. It was great to find a community to connect with and share headaches, but also get advice on how best to navigate being remote. I struggled with how to stay productive and connected when I first started working remotely, and having a community to reach out to is helpful.

Top Channels

  • #wfh-parenting-tips - When one role stops and the other begins in your day might be blurred, so this is a great place to get some tips on how to manage and be better at both.
  • #workspaces-and-gear - I love seeing how everyone else manages their home office, and what tools and gear they use.

Share yours!

I'm always on the lookout for a new Slack community. Shout out your favorite. Please send us an email or tweet at us.

March 24, 2021

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