Product Hunt Post Template

Product Hunt Post Template

June 14, 2021
Matt Johnson
, Last updated: 
July 16, 2021

The Product Hunt post template in Google Doc format so you can draft and get feedback on your post before hitting submit. 

The Product Hunt launch is a rite of passage for makers and startups. It's usually the first time you show the world what you've been working on. We are planning our big launch here at Taskable, and we wanted to knock our post out of the park. So, we drafted it in a Google Doc and shared it with some friends to get their feedback. That way, we feel confident we are putting out best foot forward to the Product Hunt community on launch day.

We decided to open-source the post template so you can do the same ahead of your own launch. Head to our Product Hunt post template in Google Docs, make a copy, and start drafting your own launch post. As a bonus, we've included some tips for filling out the post. Make sure to toggle on comments when you land on the page to access those.

Get the Product Hunt post template

How to toggle on comments for the Product Hunt post tempalte
Here's how you can toggle on comments to get our tips for filling out the form

Other resources

While you're here, we have a few other resources you might be interested in!

Checklist for launching on Product Hunt

Our Product Hunt checklist has over 20 action items you can follow before, on launch day, and after to get the most out of your launch. The checklist covers everything from the collateral you'll need, such as logo, videos, and copy, as well as ideas for engaging your community. We also share resources, FAQs, and best practices so you can launch like a pro.

Get the Checklist for Launching on Product Hunt

Best of all, Taskable users can add the checklist right to their Taskable account.

Taskable Guide to Accelerators

Our accelerator guide has a list of the best accelerators to check out and their applications in Google Docs format. That way, you can draft, get feedback, and iterate before you hit submit.

Get our Guide to Accelerators

July 16, 2021
Matt Johnson

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