Techstars Application as a Google Doc

Techstars Application as a Google Doc

October 8, 2020
, Last updated: 
March 25, 2021

We put the Techstars application into a Google doc version of the Techstars application so you can easily fill it out, and share it, and get feedback.

Are you planning to apply to an upcoming Techstars cohort? To save you a bit of time, we turned the application into an editable Google Doc, so you can easily copy it fill it in with your details, and share it with whoever is helping you nail the application. We found actually copying out all the questions and inputting it into the Google Doc took nearly as long as filling out the application itself, so hopefully, this saves you a bit of time!

To access it, open up the Google Doc, click 'File' and select 'Make a Copy' (see image below). You can then edit it and share it yourself.

Techstars application as a Google Doc

While we were at it we also did the same with the Y Combinator application as well as a few others. Check them out here.

FAQ: Techstars Application

What is Techstars?

Techstars is an early-stage startup accelerator program, based in Boulder, Colorado that's been around since 2006. They now run small cohorts.

What are some ways of improving my chances of getting accepted?

The first thing you should consider is connecting with the managing director or team at the Techstars program you are most interested in attending. What's great is they are very approachable, and often have office hours you can sign up for (check F6S to find upcoming office hours).

When is the application deadline?

Techstars has deadlines throughout the year. Generally several programs will be taking applications at the same time. You apply to your first and second choice with one application.

What's the application process?

Once you apply, the Techstars team will get back to you if they want to progress your application to the interview stage. The interview process is generally speaking with the managing director and team, followed by a call with one of the program's mentors.

March 25, 2021

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