Y Combinator Application as a Google Doc

Y Combinator Application as a Google Doc

March 17, 2021
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March 4, 2022

Ready to fill out the Y Combinator application? We put it in Google Docs format for you to draft, get feedback, iterate, and get that interview.

The Y Combinator deadline is just around the corner. It looks like you've procrastinated once again and are just getting around to it. Well, good news! We can save you the 10 minutes of copying and pasting the application into a Google Doc so you can draft and get feedback.

Y Combinator Application in Google Docs form
Save yourself 10 minutes and use our Google Doc

Y Combinator application as a Google Doc

Just head to the link above, and make a copy, and you are well on your way.

FAQs about the Y Combinator application process

When is the next application deadline?

The YC Summer 2022 is accepting applications until March 14, 2022.

How do I nail the application?

YC alum Brad Dwyer from Roboflow suggests reading YC's own article on how to apply, as well as watch Kevin Hale's video on how to pitch a startup. There's also an excellent YC Application Resources page you should check out for more inspiration.

How far along should we be?

There is no hard rule for what stage you should be at for getting into YC. Showing some amount of traction is always good, but YC has accepted people at the earliest stages. When in doubt, just apply! 40% of YC companies had to apply multiple times, and there is no penalty for applying over and over again.

What should I put in my Y Combinator application video?

The video is meant to be a simple, one-minute video talking about your startup. Don't over-produce it or script it out. Sell yourself and what you're working on. Startup Grind has a great tutorial on how to do the video.

I don't have a technical co-founder. Is that ok?

YC certainly prefers a technical co-founder, and there will be questions in the application about this. Don't let not having a technical co-founder stop you from applying, though! When in doubt, apply!

What should I expect in the YC interview?

First off, congrats on getting to this stage. The team at CoinTracker has a great resource on how to nail your YC interview. Also, keep an eye out on Twitter in the weeks leading up to your interview. Many YC alumni offer to do mock interviews with people who have received an interview invite, and it's a great way to prep.

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March 4, 2022

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