User Spotlight: Ethel Tambudzai

User Spotlight: Ethel Tambudzai

April 30, 2021
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June 9, 2021

Meet Ethel Tambudzai, CEO & Founder of Tambu Group.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Ethel currently resides in London, where she runs her business consultancy, helping SMEs, startups, and charities manage strategy, business development, and governance.

When she’s not running her business, Ethel is actively studying for a Masters in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics at Birkbeck, University of London. So, she’s accustomed to wearing many hats.

A day in the life

Every day is different for Ethel, depending on which client she is working with or a study day for her master’s. Generally, she rises at 7 am and starts with meditation, followed by exercise and journaling. Finally, she grabs a walk before kicking off her work to clear her head and prepare herself for the day ahead.

“Ordering my thoughts is so central to tuning my focus each day.”

She plans her tasks and priorities for the week on Sundays, where Taskable comes in super handy for her.

Ethel’s routine and productivity tips

For Ethel, productivity is all about routine. No matter how imperfect, having a set routine has been life-changing in reducing her stress levels having to work across multiple projects.

She also recommends timing your work and taking breaks.

“Whether small tasks or deep work, time yourself and force yourself to have breaks. It works”

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Ethel and Taskable

Ethel started using Taskable when she kicked off her MSc in Corporate Governance—having yet another hat to wear meant more disaggregated information across multiple tools and email addresses. Taskable serves as her dashboard for everything she needs to get done and reduces all the copying and pasting information and to-dos from numerous sources.

“I needed a dashboard for my different projects that could highlight what I needed to do and when without surfing through multiple pages or emails and see the importance of a task too. Taskable came at the right time.”

Connect with Ethel on LinkedIn, or give her Instagram or Twitter a follow.

June 9, 2021

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