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Self Care Checklist

Self Care Checklist

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Our self care checklist has twelve ideas for treating yourself and focusing on your mental well-being.

The world is crazy right now. We are in the middle of a pandemic, locked away in our houses for a full year, working from home. It's draining. Now more than ever, we could afford to spend time on ourselves and focus on our mental health and wellbeing. We put together twelve ideas for you to try. Hopefully, they help you feel better and more relaxed.

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How to use the self care checklist

You can import this checklist into your Taskable account (or create an account for free) by clicking on this link. Each checklist item is set to recur daily or weekly, depending on how often we suggest doing them. If some ideas don't work for you, then simply archive them and stick with whatever makes sense!

Self care checklist in the park
When you find the rare sunny day in the UK, you capitalise on it

What's in the checklist

Here are the twelve ideas and suggestions for when you need some self care. Remember, taking time for yourself is critical for your productivity and work. Don't feel like it's time away from work - it's making you more productive and a better teammate.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is critical for a variety of reasons. For one, it can increase concentration and productivity. Staying up late working instead of sleeping might actually be counterproductive for you. Plus, you'll live longer and be more healthy.

Avoid social media

Spend the day avoiding social media or mindlessly checking your phone. You aren't missing anything.

Read a book

Take time from your busy day, and read something enjoyable in a nice cozy spot.

Clean your room or office

C'mon, look at it. An organized space is great for your mind, focus, and productivity.

Do a meditation

Apps like Calm and Headspace are great tools for this. Starting your day with meditation can help you be more focused, relaxed, and calm throughout your workday.

Go for a walk and get some fresh air

No better way to recharge those batteries than getting outside and smelling the fresh air.

Try a daily gratitude journal

Write down five or so things in a journal that happened to you over the past day or week that you are grateful for.

Try GoGrateful and do your daily gratitudes over iMessage.

Have a treat

It doesn't have to be healthy. If you feel like you need a treat today, go for it.

Take a bath

Nothing better than listening to some music, reading a book, or even just watching your favorite tv show while in the bath.

Take some deep breaths

Feel overwhelmed? Try taking some long, deep breaths.

Take a nap

Go on, we're all working from home. No one needs to know you're having a nap.

Call a loved one

Maybe someone who always cheers you up, or you haven't talked to in a while.

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