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Startup Growth Marketing Checklist

Startup Growth Marketing Checklist

Growth Channel
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Growth Channel's growth marketing checklist gives you actionable steps and ideas for launching and growing your startup.

If you are a growth manager, founder, or part of a marketing team: this checklist is for you. This checklist has more than 20 actionable ideas to boost customer acquisition and drive growth.

Startup growth marketing checklist from Growth Channel and Taskable
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What this growth marketing checklist includes

A sample of the ideas you'll get from Growth Channel's checklist:

Refer a friend program

Make your existing customers a part of your growth team. Incentivize them to evangelize your product and business.

Review sites

Customers often scour review sites before deciding on which product they want to go with, or trial. Make sure you are listed on the top sites!

The checklist includes a list of software and product review sites where you can post your product and connect with new customers.

Cross-selling opportunities

Ideas for additional value you can provide to customers, on top of their initial purchase. A book, an exclusive event - these upsells can help drive revenue growth.

Challenge ideas

In recent years it became popular to challenge friends on social media. A number of those campaigns went globally viral. Consider this as a part of your marketing. You can create a #30daychallenge or #MYPRODUCTNAME campaign to let your existing customers share their experience with the world and also drive more traffic and sales to your app.

Get a step-by-step guide for how to approach a challenge campaign for your product.

Launch on Product Hunt

A great place to get early adopters, launching on Product Hunt will likely drive the single largest amount of traffic to your new site if you do it right.

We also have a checklist for launching on Product Hunt to help you on the big day.

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