Meg Canino

Marketing Manager


Hiya, I’m Meg, and I'm the Marketing Manager here at Taskable. When it comes to my job, I'm all about jumping in headfirst and making sure things happen according to plan but I also believe in taking risks and trying new things. After all, what's the worst that could happen?

I maintain a high level of integrity in everything that I do. Whether it's providing the best after-sales service and training to our members or ensuring that our marketing campaigns are honest and transparent, I always strive to align the best possible route to the main goal.

When I'm not busy overseeing SetSchedule’s and Taskable’s marketing and media operations, you can usually find me hitting the track for a run. And when I'm not running, I'm running errands (hey, a busy mom's gotta do what a busy mom's gotta do). But most of all, I love spending time with my kids and watching them discover their passions and inclinations.


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We are a growing team. Our expertise includes growth marketing, design, software development, and product management.

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Marketing Manager

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