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Hiring Checklist

Hiring Checklist

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Our hiring checklist for employers helps you run an efficient hiring process for your business.

Hiring is tough! We've tried to simplify the process with our checklist for the steps you should take for running a hiring process.

Hiring checklist

What's in the hiring checklist

Create a job spec

"A good job spec is critical. Avoid silly job titles that include terms like ninja, sherpa, and rockstar. Make the day-to-day of the job as clear as possible. It's also a good idea to be transparent about salary.

Workable has a great resource.

Decide on budget

What is the compensation package going to be?

Reach out through your network

Great hires often come through a recommendation from someone you know. Circulate the job description to your network first.

Post on relevant job boards

Post the spec to relevant job boards. Our favorite places to post:

Arrange phone screenings with top candidates

Once you have a pool of candidates, start arranging phone screenings with top candidates. Check out our Interview Checklist template, which goes into more depth on this process.

Have in-person/Zoom interviews with top candidates

Everyone who passes the phone screen move to an in-person or Zoom call.

Design a technical test

This is a bit controversial because you are asking candidates to take personal time to take a technical test or do a challenge. Make sure it's as light touch as possible but will still give you a better sense of their technical expertise. For developers this could be a coding challenge, or for designers it could be something like redesign our onboarding flow.

Make sure you limit who you send the challenge to - it should only be top candidates you are seriously considering for the role. Anyone that completes the challenge should get a follow up interview.

Check references on top candidates

Leave time to check references on the candidates that pass the interviews and technical tests.

Make an offer

Make your offer to the top candidate.

Notify all the candidates once the offer has been accepted

Don't leave anyone hanging.

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