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Startup Fundraising Checklist

Startup Fundraising Checklist

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Raising capital is a long, complex, and often frustrating process. If you are a first-time founder, raising your pre-seed then you are almost certainly going to have a steep learning curve. This startup fundraising checklist from our friends at Finta helps you prep, get a term sheet, and close your next round faster.

This checklist will help you avoid common mistakes, and learn the fundamentals of fundraising quicker. It will also help you manage the raise as efficiently as possible, so you can spend less time fundraising, and more time working on your product and growing your startup.

If you are enjoying this checklist, be sure to check out Finta, an intelligent deal-room product that helps you automate your startup fundraising.

Startup fundraising guide from Finta
A sneak peek of the guide

A sample of what this startup fundraising checklist covers

Where to find investors

This checklist links you to a bunch of great resources where you can research and connect with prospective investors, including angels and VCs.

How to set terms

What sort of structures for the funding round you should consider, including SAFEs, pro-rata, how much to raise, and more.

How to track your investor pipeline

Stay organized, and don't let high-value leads slip through the cracks. Create a way to track investors through your fundraise process, and keep tabs on next actions and follow-ups.

What to include in your data room

When you go into due diligence, you want to be sure you have all the necessary docs, like an up-to-date cap table, your co-founder agreements, and all the other boring stuff.

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