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Increase SaaS Conversion Rates

Increase SaaS Conversion Rates

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A checklist guide for increasing your SaaS conversion rates. This template has over 20 tips, tricks, and ideas.

Increase SaaS conversions

What this template covers

Looking to boost conversions? Then you've come to the right place, The team at Swipe has put together an easy-to-follow guide for SaaS companies to increase lead conversion and boost their growth. This checklist template includes 20 tactics you can start trying out today.

The SaaS conversion template covers several key touchpoints with your users, and how to improve them, including:

Onboarding new users

Steps for reducing friction, increasing, showing the user more value right away, and how to use checklists to have them take key actions.


Anchoring your users to your ideal pricing, with a higher tier price point, and language you can use to boost conversions.

Landing page

How you can increase conversions by shifting from commitment taking headlines, to exploratory.


How you can write bottom of funnel content, such as comparison posts, category tools posts, and more and avoid competing on the competitive, high volume top of funnel searches.


Use your email touch points to share discounts and pitch your paid offerings.

And more

Tips on selling the why, tailoring your website to the audience, referring friends, insane guarantees, and more!

Need more SaaS conversion tips?

These are just 20 of more than 200 SaaS conversion rate tips from Swipe. If you like what you see here, consider trying out their pro plan, and get tons of more tips, tricks, and ideas to boost your SaaS business.

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