User Spotlight: Brittany Joiner

User Spotlight: Brittany Joiner

April 21, 2022
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April 21, 2022

Meet Brittany Joiner, a software engineer at Elastic and Taskable user based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, from Knoxville, Tennessee.

In addition to her day job as an engineer, Brittany is a fellow productivity nerd. She runs a YouTube channel and newsletter aimed at helping people improve their productivity.

A day in the life

A significant part of Brittany's daily routine starts the evening before when she plans her next day by checking her calendar and scheduling tasks in Taskable. After that, she takes a break for dinner and hangs out with her girlfriend before hopping online to work on side projects or tackle a coding problem.

Brittany is not a morning person, so her days usually start with sleeping in. She checks email and Slack first thing in the morning before rechecking what she has scheduled for the day in Taskable.

Her day job is pretty predictable. Her team works in two-week sprints, so she generally has a good idea of what she'll be working on each day. Brittany likes to warm up her day with lighter stuff like code reviews and more manageable tasks before tackling intensive challenges later in the afternoon.

After a long day of work, the excitement of helping people discover something new and solve exciting challenges is what keeps her going on her side projects.

I like demo-ing new products and talking about cool things I find on the internet because sometimes you just need someone to explain something to you once, and you're like "this is life-changing!"

Brittany and Taskable

Brittany discovered Taskable during our recent Product Hunt launch. She was instantly intrigued by the idea of a tool that combined her Trello tasks and calendar. She'd previously tried timeblocking, and it worked for her. But the overhead of managing it was too much. Taskable is the perfect solution to access the benefits of timeblocking with less admin.

I have tried timeblocking before, and it was great when it worked, but it was always too much work to plan for. Taskable made that so much easier, so now I'm repeating the benefits of timeblocking without nearly as much effort.

The most significant benefit Brittany gets from Taskable is managing her day job and her side projects. With the scheduling and timeblocking features, she can realistically see how her priorities can fit together in her calendar.

Since starting with Taskable, she made it through all her tasks in her sprint at work for the first time in months.

Brittany's top productivity tip

What keeps Brittany going is working on things she enjoys. Her top productivity tip is to avoid doing things you don't enjoy. It's easier to avoid burnout when you're working on something you believe in and love.

Brittany's newsletter is How I Trello

You can find Brittany on Twitter and sometimes even on LinkedIn. Subscribe to her YouTube channel, and make sure to also sign up for her newsletter.

April 21, 2022

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