Product Hunt Launch Take 2

Product Hunt Launch Take 2

March 24, 2022
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March 24, 2022

Earlier this week, we launched Taskable 2.0 on Product Hunt. Here’s how it went.

We love Product Hunt here at Taskable. It’s the perfect audience for our product, and we had lots of success with our first launch.

Our checklist for launching on Product Hunt

After the mandatory six-month wait, we could finally launch Taskable 2.0. Since our last launch, we focused on calendar, timeblocking, and time management, and the product is significantly better than our previous launch. We made the front page of Hacker News with our timeblocking feature. So, we were excited to share the new and improved Taskable with the Product Hunt community.

Product Hunt launch stats

We had ~3800 new visitors to the website over launch day, and the day after. That's a ~420% increase over Tuesday and Wednesday of the previous week. ~150 users signed up since launch day, and ~70 started a trial.

We had almost 500 upvotes, five reviews, 120 comments, and were #2 Product of the Day.

We were slightly disappointed by not getting more votes and Product of the Day, but we were pleasantly surprised by the number of sign-ups and trials started. So, all in all, a very successful launch!

How did we do it

We’ve launched on Product Hunt a few times now as a team and previously wrote a checklist for how to launch. This time, we spent the bare minimum amount of time prepping. The week before, I sent an email sequence via Mixmax to about 300 of our closest friends, users, investors, etc., telling them we were launching. Then on the day, I sent an email to about 500 users via Mixmax, making use of their send at the best time feature, and then blasted out to all our users and newsletter subscribers via Intercom, and added a banner and Product Hunt button to our homepage.

The great thing about the Mixmax feature is it staggers sending throughout the day to the time the recipient is most likely to open it. That means we have a nice steady stream of upvoters as the day goes on, not all at once. If you are already using Mixmax, I highly recommend using this feature.

We also sent the launch announcement to a few Slack and WhatsApp groups we are part of, which helped a lot.

Finally, we had our investor Jason Calacanis hunt us. His many followers thus received a notification about our launch - which is the benefit of having a hunter with a large audience. But, that doesn’t lead to a noticeable difference in upvotes. Our numbers for this launch are only marginally higher than the last launch. However, I think his validation makes the people who view our launch more likely to sign up and try the product.

What’s next

We keep plugging away at improving the product and look forward to launching Taskable 3.0! Next time we’ll aim for Product of the Day, and launch on Wednesday, Product Hunt’s highest traffic day (we launched on a Tuesday this time).

March 24, 2022

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