User Spotlight: Priyanka Sundhar and Wirlix

User Spotlight: Priyanka Sundhar and Wirlix

April 9, 2021
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May 19, 2021

Meet Priyanka Sundhar, founder and CEO of Wirlix, and an early Taskable user.

Originally from Boston, Priyanka headed west and now lives in the Bay Area. Before jumping into startups, Priyanka was a professional tennis player. She at one time was ranked number 450 in the world, and she had sponsorship deals with Yonex. She won two ITF Doubles Titles during her career, and was a standout youth tennis player.

On a mission to improve public discourse

Since last June, Priyanka has been working on Wirlix, a new social network for video debates and conversations. She started Wirlix because she was disappointed in the role social media played in public discourse, and wasn’t living up to it’s promise of being a forum for sharing thoughts and ideas in a constructive way.

I believe in the power of social media to connect different perspectives together in a more productive way.

While she’s been building her startup, she’s taken on side projects and consulting gigs, and even stayed with her parents to make ends meet. The hustle and drive it takes to be a founder is what drove her to startups and entrepreneurship in the first place.

A day in the life

Priyanka’s daily routine actually starts the night before. She organizes her to-do’s for the next day before she goes to bed so she has a good idea of what the next day is going to be like. She wakes up at 7am to give herself some time to check in on the news and read her email, before her daily standup at 7:45am.

Once the team is organized and ready to go for the day, she has breakfast and coffee. She also does a daily affirmation in the form of motivational YouTube videos. Then she’s at her desk by 9am to start her day. Her philosophy on this routine follows the 80/20 rule. Not every morning works out according to plan, but she strives for it to be 80% of mornings, and the other 20% is left to the spontaneity of startup life.

Priyanka’s top productivity tip

Beyond using Taskable, Priyanka’s top productivity tip is to prevent procrastinating on tasks by sitting down and trying to work on a task for two short minutes - i.e. writing a 10,000 word paper, “in the context of this little trick, I would sit and try and write something for 2 minutes and have found that my brain will want to finish a task naturally once I’ve put a few minutes of effort in.”

Priyanka and Taskable

As a founder who is constantly juggling many different tasks, applications, and to-do lists, Priyanka’s favorite feature is the Chrome extension. 

The Chrome extension is amazing for me. It’s such an easy way for me to collect all of the things that randomly come up in the day.

As an early stage founder, she says Taskable provides a “better project management solution for my needs and in my price range” that enables her to combine and organize personal and work tasks. 

Other project management solutions are great at providing you with task management, but Taskable combines the utility of project management with a customized solution for a busy early-stage founder working on multiple different projects

If you're ever interested in a more personalized way to engage in group conversations and healthy discourse, check out www.wirlix.com. And give Priyanka a follow on LinkedIn, so you don’t miss her next launch.

May 19, 2021

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