User Spotlight: Taylor McLoughlin and twine

User Spotlight: Taylor McLoughlin and twine

September 15, 2021
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October 12, 2021

Meet Taylor McLoughlin, co-founder, and head of product at twine and an early user of Taskable.

Originally from the Bay Area, Taylor now resides in New York City.  When not working, he’s an avid sailor and recently completed a 600+ mile offshore race around Fastnet Rock near Ireland.

Sailing is a big counterbalance to my work life, and I am lucky to get on the water every week in NY.

About twine and the pandemic-pivot

Taylor and the team at twine are building the conversation layer that connects virtual audiences and remote teams.

You might think it was the right idea for the right moment. However, before the pandemic, the twine team’s focus was using software to bring people together physically at live events. Once Covid hit, of course, that required a significant pivot from in-person to digital. The twine team is successfully navigating this thread today. They use the same concepts they developed in the physical world to bring people together virtually.

A day in the life

Being a co-founder and product person at an early-stage startup means a lot of writing and testing. It also means getting to interact with users and, importantly, hearing their feedback and the joy they experience when they make new connections.

What excites me most is seeing our users’ feedback about their twine experience and hearing about the new bonds and connections made. It ties into our internal North Star metric, which is conversations-powered.

As with most founders and early startup employees, the constant switching between day-to-day tactical and longer-term strategic work is the trickiest part of the job.

Taylor and Taskable

Taylor tried Taskable initially because he was searching for a better way to manage his growing list of to-dos spread across email, Slack, and multiple project management tools.

Alongside the integrations, Taskable’s focus on the individual’s productivity and daily planning caught his attention.

I found Taskable’s focus on the individual's workflow and the framing of setting up your day to be really helpful in bringing more focus to what's in front of me.

Taylor rests easier knowing he has a system he’ll use each day, where he can quickly add new action items and close the loop on them.

He’s also a big fan of the speed of improvement at Taskable.

The pace and depth of thought the Taskable team puts into the feedback/development cycle is fun to watch!

Taylor’s top productivity tip

Like us, Taylor believes that some of your most productive and creative time is spent away from your desk. Make sure to take time to disengage and do something that stimulates your mind beyond the computer screen.

Long subway rides are a great place for deep thought...does r/subwaythoughts exist?

You can connect with Taylor on LinkedIn or his now ​​non-pseudonymous account Twitter account, and be sure to check out twine.nyc if you want to help your attendees make more meaningful connections at your upcoming virtual event.

October 12, 2021

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